Sires and Sale Rams


The sire battery

The rams that were used to create the 2017 sale team were without doubt the best group of sires we have ever assembled. The combined long & bold, free-growing wool, with great carcass attributes and amazing early growth. The combine great visual appeal with an even better set of breeding value data. Their sons, that are available for sale in January 2019, are displaying all of these great attributes.


The 2017 drop sale rams

Each drop of rams continually improve on the last and the 2017 drop is certainly no exception. For the first time ever, we are going to offer these rams by public auction. After years of offering our rams by private selection, we are keen to provide all clients with an equal opportunity to purchase the animals that suit them best.

ram sale - 31st January, 2019

We are thrilled to be offering 80 rams at our inaugural ram sale. On the station, 31st January 2019. More details and a catalogue will soon be available. We are excited by the performance that we have now locked into our sale rams. The sale group breeding value averages are impressive:

+ 4.8kg

Post-weaning weight

+ 1.4mm

Yearling muscle depth

+ 0.8mm

Yearling fat depth

+ 18.5%

Yearling clean fleece weight

+ 18mm

Yearling staple length

We look forward to hosting current and new clients on the station to inspect this quality line up. Please get in touch if you would like further information and/or you would like to receive a catalogue and we will make sure you receive once they are available.
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